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Lea Salonga day

I was listening to Miss Saigon OLC yesterday and today, and it's just so amazing. I was also thinking about how funny it is that my prototype of an Asian girl singing is Lea Salonga's voice in Miss Saigon... but also her voice is my prototype for an Arab girl, because she sings Jasmine's voice in Aladdin. So my mental space of female prototype voices is very weird, in that it's also Lea Salonga for the exotic girls (my prototype for European girl singing voice is probably Susan Egan, which is also weird because she's American). Lea Salonga is Fillipino, but she has an American accent, so it's weird that I associate her voice with both Southeast Asia and the Middle East!

Here is a nice little bit of Miss Saigon video cut together -- Sun and Moon plus Last Night of the World. Duets just don't get better than this. "I'd Give My Life for You" is in here too, just to prove how much she rocks (or at least how much Boublil/Schoenberg rock...)

Anyway, I rewatched the incredible Lea Salonga audition video for Miss Saigon today, so she's on my mind. That video is so incredible, with Schoenberg at the piano and her sight-reading Sun and Moon, and making an interesting little mistake at the start.

Later, I found her engagement home video, which is cute -- it's hilarious when her and her fiancee's friends start singing Whole New World (quite badly!). Apperently one of the people helping is "Eric". All of this is 7 years ago, but I hadn't run across it before.

Then, I saw the video of her wedding, which is great because her fiancee is sobbing during the whole thing -- he's so emotional! It's great. She sang during the ceremony, a sweet little song called Two Words.

Also, here's the video of the end of wedding, reception, etc.

And finally, here she is singing the beautiful song Too Much for One Heart cut from Miss Saigon (although most of the melody is in the phenomenal duet "Please" -- which is one of the most highly emotional and gorgeous musical moments I know of on stage, even though it only lasts for about 8 measures... it feels there for a moment like someone ran Berg-style postmodern music compression on romantic emotional content!)

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