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Latest lifelong to-do list

This is always evolving... here's what I was thinking a month or so ago.. it's my quite optimistic to-do list! Lisa said she recently crossed off everything on her list(!!) so I was inspired to make one. She has to make a new one since hers is finished...
  • program a computer to write beautiful, human-like, creative, new music. (Note: this has been on my list since I was about 7 years old)
  • develop the first artificial consciousness
  • hook up with women from all 7 continents before I get married (Antarctica is super-difficult)
  • get married
  • reject a really hot girl
  • develop grand unified theory of emergence
  • learn to speak Cantonese
  • learn to write Chinese
  • learn to write Arabic
  • write a Cantopop song
  • get my Cantopop song on the radio in HK
  • write a broadway musical, get it produced in a major venue, attend world premiere. Hear people on the street humming the tunes.
  • write a textbook on music cognition and computer models
  • develop automatic stock trading software to manage my own trading portfolio
  • develop a theory of emergence in complex systems
  • revolutionize computing with "pressure-based cognitive programming", a replacement for traditional AI techniques based on ideas from Doug's group
  • make a lot of money
  • live in a luxury apartment high in a tower or on a hill somewhere like HK. Maid service must be included.
  • academic position, tenure (unless I have enough $ that it doesn't matter)
  • publish in Music Perception and also in Cognitive Science
  • publish book with MIT press
  • visit Morocco
  • visit HK and China
  • visit Brazil
  • visit Svalbard
  • have some correspondance with Schoenberg (Les Miz guy) and Neil Diamond about music composition and creativity
  • reduce my weight to 190 lbs
  • create music composition-assistance software to suggest melodies in songwriting
  • buy some decent speakers for my stereo
  • improve finances via multiple streams of passive income
  • start my huge creative AI research company (mentioned above). Open an office in a town I love, and solve the big AI/consciousness problems.

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